Workshops & Lectures

This page is for bead stores and bead societies.
If you are interested in individual classes, please see the online classes here.

Bead stores and societies have been sponsoring Margie to teach since 2000. Her exuberant passion compels their clients and members to take her classes over and over again. Her combination of decades of experience, thorough academic knowledge, humor, and a profound sense of play make her a powerful inspiration both as a teacher and a person.

In addition to teaching beading projects and technique, Margie teaches color and design to artists in many areas of study, including graphic design, fashion, and interior design. She also teaches students at college level.

Bead stores and bead societies can contact Margie for fees and availability.

For a printable list of all Margie's class offerings download the PDF

Project Workshops

Project classes are finished jewelry pieces the participant can learn with Margie. Skill levels vary. Kits, detailed color handouts, photos, and finished samples in various stages of completion provided.

Color Workshops

Color classes are geared for the serious bead artists wanting to improve their mastery beyond simple technique. Because Margie is a professional artist and designer, her color classes are rich with inspiration and knowledge not only of color, but also design, composition, and creative inspiration. These are perfect classes for bead societies, bead stores, and bead shows to offer their members and customers.

Mastery & Technique Workshops

Created for all skill levels, mastery and technique classes focus on understanding concepts, like how bead finishes interact with light, or techniques, like how to accomplish a certain stitch. More far-reaching than learning how to make a bracelet or necklace, the skills and knowledge gained in these classes can be used in all kinds of projects.

Interactive Lectures

Dynamic and interactive, Margie engages with the audience at all times, asking and answering questions. She uses several methods to explain concepts, including Power Point presentations, finished examples, handouts, and critiques of participant's work.