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A Passion for Color

Students in class

Margie in classroom with color wheel

Color affects our beadwork, emotions and our life. We use it to communicate, to evoke feelings and express ourselves.

Through guided exercises, demonstrations, samples and examples you will understand more about the magical language of color, and how to create a mood, communicate an idea, or elicit a reaction with your beadwork. Get out of the rut of using the same colors and gain new confidence in creating powerful, effective color combinations with all the hues, tints and shades available to the bead artist. Finished pieces of your work can be critiqued if you like. This is a lively fun class, so be prepared to participate and learn.

A workbook, color samples and examples will be provided.

Bring your imagination and desire to explore one of the most exciting worlds of all: the world of color.

Skill level: All

Prerequisites: None

Length: 2-Day Intensive

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