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Life On A Loom

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Margie and her first book, Out On A Loom, have been teaching beaders to weave on a loom for almost a decade. Now, with Margie at your side, you can learn the basics of looming, and move on to more advanced techniques like increasing and decreasing, weaving openings and focal beads, tying warps on and off the loom, and multiple beads between warps. We will be making a sampler to learn various techniques.

Bring your own loom, one that allows you to tie warps on and off during a project. If you don?t understand what this means, please refer to any of the following pages in Margie?s books:

Out On A Loom, page 3
Beading Her Image, page 39
The Beader?s Guide to Color, page 134
The Beader?s Color Palette, page 178

Handouts will be provided.

Skill level: All

Prerequisites: None

Length: 1 Day

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Out On A Loom

Out On A Loom