Understanding Bead Finishes & Textures

Bead finishes can be tricky and frustrating. Why does one bead appear green in the tube, blue when I place it on the table, and gold when I string it? Why does one bead sparkle and the same colored bead in a different finish look flat and recede?

Explore the myriad finishes available to us as bead artists: how they interact with light, and how they interact with each other. We’ll start devising a
sampler system for you to continue creating at home, so what you learn will be easily accesible once the class is over.

Bring up to 3 of your favorite personal pieces, plus 2 that you feel did not measure up to your expectations as far as the texture and finishes
are involved.

You’ll then be able to work with beads in any way you like to explore finishes and textures. Bring all the beads you can physically haul to class! Or bring just a few... whatever you prefer.

Includes interactive instruction & critique, and extensive handouts.

No beading materials provided: participants must bring their own.

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Lined Beads

Using Color & Finish for Effect

Transparent Beads