Toning Your Color Voice

One-day Class
with Margie Deeb

Color—so evocative, so expressive, so directly connected to emotions— is a powerful note in your artistic voice, a note that can elevate your work to the level of mastery. We each possess a unique color voice. Is yours muffled or resonant? When you express yourself through color, do you mumble or sing?

You can develop your color voice so that your art can be a true expression of you, not a copy of someone else’s. However weak or strong, your voice is inside you now, waiting to sing. No matter how conscious you are of it, there is always more to uncover because parts of your color voice reside in places beyond your conscious mind. As long as you grow and evolve, so does your color voice.

Based on Margie’s Masterclass article in Beadwork Magazine, “Toning Your Color Voice” is about your personal relationship with color. In this lively, interactive day you’ll explore not only colors you like and don’t like, but families of color, and combinations that resonate with you. And you’ll delve into the why’s of that. You will learn to understand others in new ways so that when you create for someone else, you’re work will be in tune with them. You’ll understand more of yourself so you can let your color voice sing in everything you create.

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