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Review by Beth Livesay, Belle Armoire magazine (Jan/Feb '09)

Margie Deeb, bestselling author of The Beader's Guide to Color, proves that she is in fact a color expert with her newest offering. Even if you are not a beader, this book is bound to convert. With lush illustrations, difficult levels, excellent photography and detailed instruction, this book begs to be looked at and cherished with the eyes.

Between the covers are 20 creative projects, 220 combinations organized into inspiring and innovative chapters. This book is broken down by elements, history, cultures, plant and living color. Each piece contains a color palette that Deeb fully explains and illustrates through vivid photography. Whether it's a landscape, a rare animal, flower, or Spanish architecture, Deeb proves that inspirational color can be found anywhere in nature, the world, and in history.

If that doesn't whet your appetite, consider her historical chapter, where Deeb takes cues from timeless works of art. Interested in Making Baroque style jewelry? Let this book teach you how. Unsure of a new stitch or where to find a product? The back features a list of suppliers, resources and stitching diagrams.

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"The Beader's Color Palette mixes beads, brains, and brilliance. Beads, of course, refers the the fact that this is a book for beaders. Brains relates to the fact that you will need to use your brain - in a good way - to get the full use of this text. Brilliance refers to the amazing (in many cases jaw-dropping) jewelry designs packed between almost 200 pages that make up the book." more...

-Tammy Powley, Jewelry Making Guide,

"I have to say [The Beader's Color Palette] gets my “What a great idea” prize. The book contains 220 color palettes taken from different historical times, places, cultures and natural elements and translates them into beautiful jewelry. I couldn’t put it down."

Cathy Jakicic, BeadStyle Magazine

"I am so excited to have [The Beader's Color Palette] in front of me. It is nothing short of AWESOME. This is hands down one of the most incredibly beautiful publications I have ever seen. I’m loving it and can’t wait to devour every page, every word."

-Sherry Serafini, co-author of "The Art of Bead Embroidery"

"...[The Beader's Color Palette] is a GORGEOUS book. I love the concept and you have some amazing beadwork and projects in there--as well as mine, of course! I was showing it off to a couple of fantasy artist friends and they were thinking about getting a copy too, They said they had no idea beads could be so amazing. Congratulations, lady. You did an awesome job."

-Annie Scarborough
Nebula Award winning author of "The Healer's War" and "Beadtime Stories"

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"Wow [The Beader's Color Palette] is absolutely wonderful. The pictures are beautiful and the whole book so well done. I keep picking it back up to look at. You really out did yourself once again. "

-Heidi Kummli, co-author of "The Art of Bead Embroidery"

"Thanks for [The Beader's Color Palette], its fabulous! I look forward to enlightening all our beady customers in our stores."


" golly you have certainly birthed a magical wonder for all to lend support from. Congratulations on a remarkable book, one that makes me feel excited about the creative ideas I hope to materialise."

-Julie K., Australia

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"Having been a monochromatic person for so long, your books have really opened me up to all the possibilities of color. 
It may sound crazy, but I am having a lot of fun making up small color combo swatches with different sizes, shapes and color shades in my beading pantry... I'm putting them all in a notebook for inspiration and reference.  There is just an endless combination of opaques, translucents, transparents, color-lined.....well, who would know this better than you? This, I think, will be a life long pastime but will be an invaluable tool for me and my students.  This has all been inspired by you. I'm also using my color wheel more and more and encouraging all my students to always carry it with them.
... I keep both of your books close at hand.
Thanks again for all your generosity to the beading community!"

-Carol Cone

"Wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying your incedible new book, [The Beader's Color Palette].  It is such a work of art and I think it is absolutely beautiful!"

-Carolyn K.

"[The Beader's Color Palette] is breathtakingly gorgeous. You do such a beautiful job and I can't believe how many wonderful artists you've included."

-Marcia Decoster

"[The Beader's Color Palette] is in my little hands as we speak.  Well, actually, I had to put it down to type this message, but you get the picture.  Margie, it’s marvelous once again.  But, who would have expected anything less? It’s truly amazing. What a gift you have given us."


"As a professional in the field of Couture dressmaking and Costume Design, I have studied alot of color theory. Your color examples and subsequent strategies for arriving to their conclusions are truly inspired. I admire the method you put forth where one can learn and adapt these ways of discovering their own color palettes as well as laying out the specific uses of color in Delica bead suggestions.
What a tremendous amount of work this must have been!!!! My hats off to you!"

-Rose Mary Jameson, La Quinta, California

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"I received your wonderful new book, [The Beader's Color Palette], yesterday and I must tell you that it is beautiful and inspiring!!!"

-Joanne C.

"You know those wonderful colors you see when you're falling asleep? That's how beautiful and sophisticated you have described colors and what eye candy! I sleep with [The Beader's Color Palette] hoping some of your elaborate appreciation for color will rub off on me!"

-Helen S.

"[The Beader's Color Palette] just arrived! Awesome.  I am so delighted that I had to let you know how much I enjoy your work and to share your sense of color with the world is a gift unsurpassed.  I got my BA in Art Design from USC (Carolina) and my husband says I buy things ( like beads and yarns) just because I enjoy the colors so much.  So hats off to you; I LOVE this book even more than your first one. Thank you so much."

-Sandy C., Jackson, SC

"These days you can find beading books by the dozens at your local book stores, but most of them give you the same old info as everyone else and bland, boring projects that even your 5 year old could do. But once in a while there comes a beading book that has something different, fun, fashionable designs that are more intricate, more "adult". The Beader's Color Palette is one of those books. A beading book with glamour that can inspire you and take you into new worlds.

Margie Deeb, author of The Beader's Color Palette, fills this book of hers with 20 amazingly creative projects and 220 inspired combinations for beaded and gemstone jewelry that is eye-popping and not necessarily for the beginning beader.

The Beader's Color Palette is a lesson in color and culture, covering the elements even. Included at the end of the book are directions for beading basic, that includes stringing, off-loom weaving and loom weaving.

Now, you may find yourself wondering why I've referred to this book with the word "cultural". That would be because not only does this book give you creative jewelry ideas from the sea shore, feathered friends, tropical forests and the celestial bodies, but it also takes you into Ancient Egypt, the Renaissance, Latin America, Africa and so much more. You will be inspired and amazed by everything this book has to offer and will teach you about beading.

If you are a beading enthusiast you will definitely want this fabulous book to add to your collection. You won't be able to put it down until you've traveled through the entire book and then you'll be anxious to get started on all of your favorite projects inside."

Yvonne Glasgow, published Jun 16, 2008

"I just got this amazing book, [The Beader's Color Palette], today. I loved Margie Deeb's other color book [The Beader's Guide to Color], and this one is a whole new world. Mostly inspirations for advanced beaders, esp. off loom work. This book has a very unique approach to a color palette of beads, using photos and paintings to inspire a piece of jewelry. And so many gorgeous works of beady art! Theres over 800 photos in here! I love it! I am inspired! And now, my year-long stint of "beaders block" is over. I HIGHLY recommend this mostly to an advanced beader, but all levels can most certainly use this book too for inspiration. Its that versatile."

Gauri-Pahari Das "Pahari" (Glendale, AZ)

"Margie Deeb has the gift to give the beader (or anyone!) the ability to see the world as the color palette!

I have been so excited for this book,[The Beader's Color Palette], to come out that I was almost afraid that I had built it up too much in my head. Turns out I did not build it up enough!! Last year I read (and have continued to study) Margie Deeb's book, The Beader's Guide to Color. With Ms. Deeb's ability to show the properties and effects of individual colors as well as mixes taken from the color wheel, I discovered that what I thought was my natural eye for color was, in fact, just a tiny glimpse of what was possible. The Beader's Color Palette builds even further on that. It is true that there are amazing projects already in the book as well as dozens of prepared color palettes and these are fabulous and inspiring. The many photos are lush and rich and enthralling. However, I believe the best thing about Margie Deeb's books is her ability to share her gift of vision. Not only does she help reveal the color palettes in various landscapes, pictures, pieces of art, etc, but she helps beaders to learn to discern for themselves the color palettes in the world around them. This is not a book to just read once and then put it on the shelf. Nor is this just an instruction book for wonderful projects. The Beader's Color Palette is a text to be studied, absorbed, and treasured over and over. Because there is so much contained in this book, I have found thus far that I can study it for a while (30 min to possibly an hour)but then I have to go away from it to absorb what I have read. Otherwise, I find I am on "sensory overload."(And yes, my husband thinks that is completely nuts:) To restate what I treasure the most about this book - Ms. Deeb does not just share her gift for understanding color, but she helps the reader to develop his or her own vision. With that vision comes an even greater appreciation for everything in your world."

Ms. Kathryn Houseman Lobert (Arlington, TX USA)

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