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The Beader's Guide to Jewelry Design
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My dream for The Beader's Guide to Jewelry Design is all about inspiration and beauty. I want to inspire artists to seek out, be inspired by, and create their unique versions of beauty.

I want them to catch the fire of inspiration and cultivate a passion for beauty.

I used social media to augment the book, reaching out to readers of my newsletter and on Facebook. In this way I learned what beader's need in terms of jewelry design. Throughout the pages you'll see names and concerns of those who responded. It was a fun process, and I'm grateful for their input, and all I learned from them.

The Beader's Guide to Jewelry Design teaches you to design your own creations by paying attention to unity, scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, shape, pattern, texture, movement, drape, and color. You'll explore the interaction of jewelry and the body: how it moves, how it drapes, how it guides the viewer's eye to compliment--or clash--with different body sizes and wardrobe. The concepts presented are supported by photos, illustrations, before-and-after examples, and challenges. Tips from today's leading jewelry designers in polymer clay, beads, precious metal clay, ceramic, and wire teach you how to take your ideas and refine them into extraordinary, wearable jewelry.

Discover why a piece of jewelry is visually appealing. Understand why you prefer certain styles and how to apply the concepts to achieve what you want. Gain confidence in using specific applications of visual and aesthetic principles. Be inspired to grow and express more of yourself and your unique visions of beauty.

In her review of The Beader's Guide to Jewelry Design, Jean Yates write:

Ms. Deeb is known, among many other things, for her unstoppable energy and her sense of humor. However, above and beyond that, on display here (along with with gaspingly gorgeous photos!) are her innate brilliance, her understanding of composition, the wholeness of good design, and her great interest in reaching out to her students and readers. She does this by utilizing all different sorts of perspectives and ways of teaching...

Simply stated, she has written a fantastic and exciting book which will engage you, the reader, from page one all the way to the back cover. You are going to go on a learning trip which you will not want to end. This trip will progressively expand your understanding of what YOU design, and it will do it in all sorts of fascinating ways! Exercises and challenges have been created directly for the reader.

...a personal journey for each one of us, to illuminate our understanding of why we are making what we make, and guide us in how to make our pieces even better.

...It doesn't matter what level we are at, and it does not matter what technique we specialize in. The point is how to learn to make what we love express us even better!

...This is perfect teaching.

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