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Color Wheel Magic 202
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Does color intimidate you? Do you feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis when trying to choose colors? Do you not know where to begin when you want to match colors to a color you?ve already choosen? Do your finished color combinations falling short of what you imagined? Not to worry! After this class none of the above will be an issue. You?ll be able to: • move beyond fear and create strong color schemes with confidence • understand why certain combinations are harmonious • create the impact you want with color, be it bold and dramatic, or subtle and sophisticated • be on your way to becoming a master of color Color Wheel Magic, and all my color classes are designed for artists working in every medium that involves color. I?ve taught painters, interior designers, fashion designers, knitters, and more. Color is been my passion since I could hold a crayon in my hands. I?ve devoted my life to exploring its secrets, movement, and powers. Learn to create spectacular color combinations in any media with the author of award-winning color books. Fun exercises, demonstrations, and examples teach you how to use color powerfully and effectively using any medium. PDF outline provided. 202: analogous, analogous complementary, triadic, tetradic schemes, building strong palettes, review.

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