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Gold Burst (Loom or Square Stitch) PDF
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(2 letter-sized, color pages) Warm toned metallics burst into a rotating mandala that swirls around your wrist. Colors range from 24kt and luster gold, to bronze and amber. A perfect color scheme for warm or dark-skin complexions. Included are four more delightful color palettes (listed by Delica number) so you can make Gold Burst become "Violet Burst," "Rose Burst," "Liquid Burst," (cool, watery blues and greens) and "Green Burst." What a fantastic gift to make a give: with all these color schemes available, you'll find one that suits each of your closest friends. The pattern for "Gold Burst " is measured for Japansese Delica beads, but any 11/o seed bead will work. Make adjustments to the stated length so bracelet will fit the wrist properly. Size: Length varies, beginning at 6 1/8" if pattern is made with Delicas. Width: 2" (40 beads) Skill Level: Beginner (must know how to increase and decrease)