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Kente Cloth (Peyote or Brick Stitch) PDF

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(1 letter-sized, color page includes both bracelet patterns) Kente cloth is the most famous and admired fabric of Africa. Traditionally produced by Asante women, it is characterized by its exquisite silk inlay work. Its patterns are built in visual blocks woven into strips or large expanses of fabric used for wraps called kente. Among the Ghanaians, Kente is a ceremonial cloth used on joyful ocassions, and is a popular symbol in Ghanaian parliament and court decorations. Traditionally worn by royalty, today it is worn by people of all social status. In the west it has become a symbol of pride for African Americans and kente motifs appear on all kinds of apparel from t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and ties, to wrist watches and socks. Each of kente cloth?s vibrant colors have significance: blue for peace harmony, purity; red signifies death and sadness; gold denotes warmth, longevity and success; white evokes the gods and the ancestors; green is associated with the plants and stands for growth and good health; maroon is associated with Earth, the mother, representing healing and protection from evil. Size: Length varies, beginning at 5 1/2" if pattern is made with Delicas (36 rows). Width: 1 7/8" high Skill Level: Beginner (must know how to increase and decrease)