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Dancing with the Moon (Loom or Square Stitch) PDF
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(2 printable, letter-sized, color pages) "Dancing WIth The Moon," a woven medallion necklace pattern, joyfully celebrates life in cool colors accented with a golden moon. This pattern can be made as a split loom necklace if woven on a loom, a faux split loom necklace if created in brick, peyote, or square stitch, or a mini-tapestry. For instructions on faux split loom necklaces created in the peyote stitch, read "Adorn Thyself" by Suzanne Cooper. The specified measurements are based on Japanese Delica beads, but any 11/o seed bead will work. Size: Woven section is 2 3/4" wide and 5" deep if made with Delicas. Make straps to desired length. Skill Level: Beginner (must be proficient in weaving large pieces)