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Celebration (Peyote or Brick Stitch) PDF
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(2 printable, letter-sized, color pages) Arms raised in joyful gratitude, "Celebration" is a simple, captivating composition. It uses only 8 complementary and monochromatic colors. The focal point is a stylized golden female figure. "Celebration" can be woven as either a split loom neckpiece, or a tapestry hung like "Seasons." This is a pattern package, not an instructional package. We suggest that you have experience making large seed bead weavings before trying "Celebration." If you are going to use a loom, be aware that you'll need one that supports at least 100 warp threads. The pattern is set-up for size 11/o seed beads, and Delicas will work, too. 5 1/2" wide Tapestry or Split Loom Neckpiece Medallion (if woven in size 11/o seed beads).