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Earth Bracelet (Loom or Square Stitch) PDF
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As seen in the April/May 2007 issue of BEADWORK magazine, Margie's Elemental Bracelets depict the essence of each element in color, design, and visual texture. Each of the four elements has its own bracelet, and in the magazine, Frieda Bates has woven Margie's design out of Delica seed beads. At our core, we resonate with nature. Our bodies are attuned to her elements, her seasons, her rhythms. The earth palette encompasses many kinds of colors, ranging from the muted neutrals of stone and soil to rich vibrant jewel tones. Combinations are strong and solid. One with earth energy is one who is her own person, likes to learn new things, be on her own. With what element do you feel the most kinship? Size: Length varies, beginning at 6" if pattern is made with Delicas. Height: 1 3/4" high Skill Level: Beginner (must know how to increase and decrease).