Personal Artist's Color Journey with Margie

$300.00 includes:

  • one 1-hour phone consultation
  • one 1/2 hour phone consultation
  • reading material
  • questionnaire
  • evaluation and suggestions
  • assignments

We each possess a unique color voice. Is yours muffled or resonant? When you express yourself through color, do you mumble or sing?

You can develop your color voice so that your art can be a true expression of you, not a copy of someone else’s. However weak or strong, your voice is inside you now, waiting to sing. No matter how conscious you are of it, there is always more to uncover because parts of your color voice reside in places beyond your conscious mind. As long as you grow and evolve, so does your color voice.

Take your artistry to a higher level with a one-on-one consultation with Margie. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, and get on the path to discovering your true color voice.

Be prepared to commit time, energy and thought into this journey before and after the consultation. Upon registration and payment Margie will email you reading material and a questionnaire regarding what you'd like to accomplish with color and your color leanings. She will mail you a color evaluation package which you will return to her before your consultation.

You'll email her 4 to 8 digital photos of your work (at least 5" square, 72dpi, color, of course!) that you feel represent your color choices. These can be images of any medium: paintings, drawings, beadwork, fabric, etc. The images you send don't have to be your best work. In fact you can send images of color problems you'd like to resolve, if you like. You are also welcome to send images (up to 5) of color combinations you are drawn to or inspired by that are not of your making.

You'll call Margie at a pre-arranged time for your one-hour consultation.

Within the next 4 months you'll schedule a 1/2 hour follow-up consultation for Margie to evaluate and assess up to 4 more digital images you send her. The goal is for you to apply what you've learned and keep growing. Margie will also suggest or email you further reading material during that time.

If you've always dreamed of working with a master, this is an opportunity you'll want to seize. You’ll understand more of yourself so you can let your color voice sing in everything you create.

Watch Margie talk about color on Beads, Baubles, & Jewels.

Paintings, drawings, and bead art by Margie Deeb.

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