The Language of Color

45-minute Participatory Discussion
or Lunch and Learn
with Margie Deeb

Color is a language used to communicate in bold and subtle ways. Color’s subliminal power sways thinking, changes actions, and causes reactions. Affecting us on the emotional, mental, and physical levels, color heavily influences where and how we spend our money. It guides us to click the “buy” button on websites. Or it can compell us leave a site in disgust.

Through demonstrations and examples you’ll understand more about the emotional and physical impact of color, and its symbolism in Western culture. And you’ll learn how to apply it in business and marketing.

Topics to be touched upon (depending on your questions & needs):
• Using the right colors for the situation/product/event
• How color families & harmonies are just as important as colors themselves
• How color can increase memory retention
• How color can engage and increase participation
• Gender preferences for color
• What messages political candidates send by color
• Color disasters

Bring your questions. Bring your wonder. Bring your curiosity to our exploration of this most exciting language.

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